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2016 Training



Place description here                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Course Date(s): 
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: TBD
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members
Instructor(s): Various
Class Coordinator: TBD




This course is designed to certify operators assigned to tactical/special operations teams in the specialized techniques of ballistic breaching.  This course is based on the practical use of the shotgun as a breaching tool during tactical operations in conjunction with other breaching techniques.


The three day course covers the following: 

             Tactical CQB shotgun operation

             Overview of breaching techniques and lessons learned

             Operational based static and practical ballistic breaching

             Certification as a ballistic breaching operator



             12 Gauge shotgun with standoff device (sling system is possible)

If you have a pistol grip breaching gun, a full stock shotgun is required for the 1st day

             Ballistic helmet & ballistic load bearing vest

             Eye  & ear protection, baseball cap

             BDU’s or Flight/CQB suit (long sleeve top required when breaching)

             Gloves (must have good finger dexterity)

             Method of carrying 12 gauge ammo (vest pouch, drop pouch, etc.)

             Handgun and tactical holster

             350 rounds of #8 shot 12 gauge ammunition

             100 rounds of handgun ammunition

             Any current 12 gauge ballistic breaching ammo you may use

             Any personal tactical gear

             LUNCH:  Attendees may either pack lunch or are free to go out for food

Course Date(s): February 16-18, 2016 0800 to 1800 (note 10 hours day)
Class Size: 16
Total Hours: 30
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members
Class Coordinator: To register, contact Doug Catherman (Howard County Police Tactical Section) at dcatherman@howardcountymd.gov or 240-394-0171



Crye Precision Demonstration Day
Montgomery County SWAT is hosting a demonstration presented by reps from Crye Precision at the Montgomery County Police Firearms Training Center in Dickerson, MD. The demonstration is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th from 1100-1500h at the address below.

Representatives will be showcasing their newest invention for shotgun breaching, the Six12 Modular Shotgun.  It is a cylinder fed shotgun that can be mounted under most AR platforms. They will also have samples of some of their multicam uniforms, sniper overwhites and accessories for display.

Approximately 30min classroom followed by live shotgun breaching the the shoothouse.

Space is limited, please RSVP to Darren Crandell by Monday April 25th.

MCPD Firearms Training Center
16600 Elmer School Road
Dickerson, MD

Course Date(s): May 4, 2016   1100-1500
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 4
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members, NCRSA Members
Instructor(s): Crye Precision
Class Coordinator: Darren Crandell, MCP SWAT Darren.crandell@montgomerycountymd.gov



Combatives for Tactical Operators - Pistol and Rifle Retention Course
 The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Response Team is proud to present an 8 hours block of instruction, on Pistol and Rifle Retention course for Tactical Operators. This course is designed to assist the tactical operator with advance tactics on how to retain the pistol inside and outside the holster and the rifle from an assailant. This course will allow the operator to utilize a variety of techniques, which will assist the operator in containing an assaultive and combative subject.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Course Date(s): April 27, 2016
Class Size: 25
Times:  9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Eligibility: NCRSA L.E. SWAT Members
Instructor(s): Drug Enforcement Administration SRT

Class Coordinator: Ivan J. Rios, 703-986-9374, ivan.j.rios@usdoj.gov




Tactical Carbine Class

Class Info:  MCPD Tactical Section is proud to host a 3 day, 24 hour .223 rifle and handgun shooting class.  This will be an advanced skill level course designed for team members who have attended basic carbine and handgun class.  The goal of this course is to enhance weapon skills thru drills designed to mimic those encountered in SWAT operations.  Shooting drills will focus on target engagements from contact to 300 yds and will include steel and paper targets, open range exercise, vehicle assaults, and live fire in a tire house.  You must attend all three days, and there is NO COST to attend this class.

Date(s): June 27-29, 2016  
Times: 0730-1530
Location: MCP Outdoor Range, 16600 Elmer School Road, Dickerson, MD
Eligibility: SWAT members, prerequisites of basic .223 carbine class and basic tactical handgun class

Equipment Needed:

.223 carbine with sling, minimum of 3 magazines (6 preferred)

Handgun, holster, magazine carrriers, 3 handgun magazines

Minimum of 1500 rounds of. 223 ammunition (NO armor piercing)

500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Two (2) Diversionary Devices (ie. Flashbangs)

Eye and hearing protection

Heavy and Light Body armor, ballistic helmet

Additional Recommended List: Knee, elbow pads, shooting gloves, rain gear, baseball or bonnie hat, camelback or water bottles


Class Coordinator:  Darren Crandell Darren.Crandell@montgomerycountymd.gov