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2014 Training





TVI/ Vehicle Assault School
This course is designed to train operators how to safely immobilize suspect vehicles and provide a variety vehicle assault options.  Students will be exposed to situations and scenarios to practice the techniques required to coordinate, immobilize and assault vehicles.  This course is based on the practical use of a police vehicle as a blocking tool during tactical operations.
Course Date(s):
May 19-20, 2014     0700 hours to 1600 hours
Class Size: 24
Total Hours: 18
Eligibility: SWAT members
Instructor(s): Fairfax County Police
Class Coordinator: Police Officer Jey Phillips at Jey.Phillips@fairfaxcounty.gov or 703-280-0675
NCRSA Quarterly Meeting


Association business including elections

Presentations- Incident Debriefings (TBD)

Vendor sponsored lunch and a Vendor show from major spec ops vendors with some demos

Exact times and more information on incident debriefing presentations will be provided when confirmed.

LOCATION:         Howard County Public Safety Training Center

2200 Scott Wheeler Drive

Ellicott City, MD 21043                                                                                                                                                 

Meeting Date(s): May 16, 2014
Class Size: Bring your TEAM!
Total Hours: TBD
Eligibility: L.E.
Instructor(s): TBD
Coordinator: Doug Catherman, HCPD



NCRSA Tactics Cell Meeting

The goal of the Tactics Cell is to provide a platform for all member teams to share their tactics and be briefed of other teams’ tactics. Tactics Cell will be comprised of (1) representative from each team; it is preferred that the team representative is one of your team’s tactics leaders, so s/he can provide a brief presentation on his/her team’s tactics to the Cell and also can assess what tactics to take back to his/her team.

Meeting Date(s): June 2, 2014 at 1030-1230 hours  
Topic: Vehicle Take-Down Tactics
Location: Arlington County SO Roll Call - 1435 N. Courthouse Road, 1st Floor
Eligibility: SWAT members
Parking: It is tight, however there is some L. E. vehicle parking areas on Courthouse Rd. in front of the courthouse and the streets that surround the perimeter of the jail & courthouse. For unmarks, if they have placard, they should use them. I’ll request SOS to be forgiving on their parking enforcement during the meeting. 
Class Coordinator: Charlie Pak, Alexandria PD
SWAT Firearms Instructor Course
For SWAT personnel who are seeking their Basic Firearms Instructor Certification.  This course will develop the student’s ability to instruct firearms marksmanship, tactics and weapon manipulation.  This course prepares experienced SWAT personnel to conduct firearms training. 
Course Date(s): June 23-26, 2014  
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 40
Eligibility: SWAT members
Instructor(s): Arlington County Police
Class Coordinator: Lieutenant Chris Hennigh; chenni@arlingtonva.us/ 703-598-3071, MPO Ray Ross; rross@arlingtonva.us/ 301-509-8684



Tactical Carbine Class

Class Info:  MCPD Tactical Section is proud to host a 3 day, 24 hour .223 rifle and handgun shooting class.  This will be an advanced skill level course designed for team members who have attended basic carbine and handgun class.  The goal of this course is to enhance weapon skills thru drills designed to mimic those encountered in SWAT operations.  Shooting drills will focus on target engagements from contact to 300 years and will include steel and paper targets, open range exercise, vehicle assaults, and live fire in a tire house.  You must attend all three days, and there is NO COST to attend this class.

Date(s): July 15-17, 2014  
Times: 0730-1530
Location: MCP Outdoor Range, 16600 Elmer School Road, Dickerson, MD
Eligibility: SWAT members, prerequisites of basic .223 carbine class and basic tactical handgun class

Equipment Needed:

.223 carbine with sling, minimum of 3 magazines (6 preferred)

Handgun, holster, magazine carrriers, 3 handgun magazines

Minimum of 1500 rounds of. 223 ammunition (NO armor piercing)

500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Two (2) Diversionary Devices (ie. Flashbangs)

Eye and hearing protection

Heavy and Light Body armor, ballistic helmet

Additional Recommended List: Knee, elbow pads, shooting gloves, rain gear, baseball or bonnie hat, camelback or water bottles


Class Coordinator:  Darren Crandell Darren.Crandell@montgomerycountymd.gov





TACOPS EAST Tactical Training
Course Date(s): 
September 3-5, 2014
Class Size: Varies
Total Hours: Varies
Eligibility: L.E.
Instructor(s): Various
Class Coordinator: http://tacopseast.com/





Advanced Shield Class by Point Blank
Capitol PD ERT and Point Blank are hosting an Advanced Shield Class.  Each class is an 8 hour block of instruction on advanced shield work featuring the Phalanx shield.  Click here to download related documents.
Course Date(s):
Nov 24-25, 2014     0730 hours to 1530 hours
Class Size: Approximately 5-8 spots open at this time
Total Hours: 16
Eligibility: SWAT members
Instructor(s): Point Blank
Class Coordinator: Capitol PD ERT, Karim Sarier, kerim.sarier@uscp.gov 



Tactical Training for NCR Team  by AVCI SYSTEM
AVCI Systems will be hosting a two day tactical training event for NCR SWAT teams at the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy.  The days will consist of Intro to AVCI Systems, Subject Control Applications, Handcuffing, Vehicle Exractions, Weapons Retention, and Knife Defense.  Click here to download flyers related to this training.
Course Date(s):
Dec 4-5, 2014     0900 hours to 1600 hours
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 16
Eligibility: NCR SWAT members
Instructor(s): AVCI SYSTEMS,

Class Coordinator:  Sifu Hasan AKIN (202)320-5388 hakin@mfa.gov.tr