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2015 Training


Place description here                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Course Date(s): 
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: TBD
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members
Instructor(s): Various
Class Coordinator: TBD


Linear Emergency Assault Training (Aircraft)
Description: This course is designed to provide intermediate skills needed by personnel who are assigned as members of SWAT.  Topics in hostage rescue concepts, rapid deployment, and emergency entry tactics for aircraft interventions.
Equipment Needed: 1. Non-lethal training weapon, ammuntion (100 rounds) 2. Non-lethal training gear - face, neck, hand, and groin protectors 3. Safety glasses
Suggested Items: Knee Pads, Rain gear, water, snacks/lunch (30 minute lunch break)
Location: GPS Address / 1200 Mathison Way Baltimore, MD 21240 (The training location is in the BWI Airport Area)
Course Date(s): April 7, 2015 0800-1600 hours
Class Size: 40
Total Hours: 8
Eligibility: NCR SWAT Association Members / SWAT
Instructor(s): Maryland Transportation Authority Police SRT
Class Coordinator: Ofc. II Chris Mangrum, cmangrum@mdta.state.md.us
Basic SWAT School
Three week basic SWAT school primarily conducted at the SOD facility, but training will be conducted off-site as well.

April 8, 2015, at 0900 hours, an entry-level Fitness Indicator Test will be administered at the Special Operations Division facility for those who are interested in participating in the training.

An administration fee of $100 will reserve a slot for each student.  Please make checks payable to F.O.P. Lodge #89 on or before April 27, 2015
Course Date(s): April 27 - May 15, 2015  0700-?
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 120+
Eligibility: NCR SWAT Association Members
Instructor(s): Prince George's County Maryland Police, Special Operations Division
Class Coordinator: Sergeant Hammill, 301-731-4422, tphammill@co.pg.md.us


Basic SWAT and Tactical Maritime Operators School

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Team will host a Basic SWAT/Tactical Maritime Operators School from May 4 thru May 23, 2015.  Training will be conducted in the service of search and seizure warrants, hostage/barricade situations, counter-terrorism, tactical operations in the CBRNE environment, tactical maritime operations, and other tactical evolutions.

Due to the various documents required for attendance, please contact Captain Thomas below to inquire further.

Course Date(s): May 4 - May 23, 2015   Hours will vary.  Possibility of weekend training.
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 120+
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members 
Instructor(s): Calvery County Sheriff's Office (MD) Special Operations Team
Class Coordinator: Captain Ricky Thomas, 443-624-1943, thomasra@co.cal.md.us


Tactical Carbine Class

Class Info:  MCPD Tactical Section is proud to host a 3 day, 24 hour .223 rifle and handgun shooting class.  This will be an advanced skill level course designed for team members who have attended basic carbine and handgun class.  The goal of this course is to enhance weapon skills thru drills designed to mimic those encountered in SWAT operations.  Shooting drills will focus on target engagements from contact to 300 yds and will include steel and paper targets, open range exercise, vehicle assaults, and live fire in a tire house.  You must attend all three days, and there is NO COST to attend this class.

Date(s): July 13-15, 2014  
Times: 0730-1530
Location: MCP Outdoor Range, 16600 Elmer School Road, Dickerson, MD
Eligibility: SWAT members, prerequisites of basic .223 carbine class and basic tactical handgun class

Equipment Needed:

.223 carbine with sling, minimum of 3 magazines (6 preferred)

Handgun, holster, magazine carrriers, 3 handgun magazines

Minimum of 1500 rounds of. 223 ammunition (NO armor piercing)

500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Two (2) Diversionary Devices (ie. Flashbangs)

Eye and hearing protection

Heavy and Light Body armor, ballistic helmet

Additional Recommended List: Knee, elbow pads, shooting gloves, rain gear, baseball or bonnie hat, camelback or water bottles


Class Coordinator:  Darren Crandell Darren.Crandell@montgomerycountymd.gov


Basic Rappel School

This course is a two day basic rappel school designed for the entry level officer.  It will provide a basic knowledge of rappelling and associated gear.

Equipment Needed: long pants, boots, ballistic or bump helmet, eye protection, rappel gloves, carabiner, rescue figure eight, 15 feet of 7/8 or 11mm static kernmantle rope (for swiss seat), and can bring rappel harness for second day.

Location: Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, 4500 Paint Branch Parkway, College Park, MD 20742

Note: Classroom portion for the first day may be located at 6700 Riverdale Road, Riverdale, MD 20737    


Course Date(s): September 16-17, 2015 (0800-1600 hours)
Class Size: 20-25
Total Hours: 16
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members, NCRSA members
Instructor(s): PGPD Emergency Services Team
Class Coordinator: Sgt. Tallant, 301-731-4422, rjtallant@co.pg.md.us



Sniper personnel from Montgomery County Police SWAT and ATF-SRT will conduct training demonstrating current practices and equipment in Urban Deployments.  The training will consist of a brief presentation and discussion on lessons learned, principles of field craft and equipment overview as they pertain to urban sniper deployment.  This will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of various platforms currently in use, both “pre-fabricated” and “hasty” construction designs.  Attendees will be given the opportunity to assist in the construction of the hides, as well as practice on range from within each.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their assigned precision rifle systems in order to participate in the live fire demonstrations from the various platforms.

Course Date(s): October 16, 2015
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 5 (0900-1400)
Eligibility: L.E. SWAT Members
Instructor(s): Montgomery County SWAT& ATF-SRT
Class Coordinator: Jeff Rhodes, ATF-SRT  202-631-1510, Jeffrey.rhodes@atf.gov



The Arlington County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team is proud to present a 16 hours block of instruction, on Tactical Ground Fighting. This course is designed to assist the tactical operator with advance tactics on how to defend and survive a possible deadly ground attack. This course will allow the operator to utilize a variety of techniques, which will assist the operator in containing an assaultive and combative subject.                                                                                                                                                                              

Course Date(s): November 21-22, 2015
Class Size: TBD
Total Hours: 16
Eligibility: NCRSA SWAT Team Members
Instructor(s): Arlington County Sheriff's Office ERT
Class Coordinator: Jon Harrell, 301-728-9134, Jharrell@arlingtonva.us